23 January 2012

Some Do's and Don'ts


Uni living should be one of the best experiences that you will ever have in your life! It is also the place where you will gain skills and knowledge necessary to live the way you want. Avoiding a few pitfalls along the way will ensure that you have the best possible time, while still getting it done!

22 January 2012

5 Tips: To Exam Success


Ever step into an examination hall not knowing what to expect, feeling so unprepared or whatever you've studied throughout the night seems to have gone missing all of a sudden? Fret not, with these 5 simple exam tips; it will arm you with the right strategies and mentality to enter the examination hall filled with confidence and ready to take on the challenge.

21 January 2012

How to Study and Developing Study Skills


Study skills refer to the ability to read, memorize and retain class portions, text book content and other study materials. Student work load is always on the raise and having a good approach towards study makes a significant difference. Developing study skills depend on individual's capability, grasping power, interests, environment and self discipline. Here are some methods to develop study skills and hone them better with few useful techniques.

20 January 2012

Online Education Benefits for Disabled Students


Frontiers in online education and higher education over the internet are making strides and gaining popularity. It's becoming easier to get a degree on our time and while working too, if our scheduling permits. With an online education, there are many benefits. Perhaps for disabled students, there are more benefits of getting your degree online versus at a traditional college. It all depends on what your disability is, and what your specific needs are. Read on to find out just how online education may be more beneficial for disabled or challenged students.

19 January 2012

Online Education and Its Benefits


It is less costly.

Though education is basically a right, it is a privilege to some. There are those who cannot afford to go to a list of colleges that charge very high university dues. Online schools, on the other hand, do not cost that much and have typically much lower tuition fees. You can even actually increase your savings knowing that online education does not entail you to spend on travel expenses, food, and accommodation. You also do not have to bother yourself spending on textbooks since online college programs usually do not require you to do so. You can simply download all the necessary instruction and learning materials for online classes and lectures.

18 January 2012

Advantages Of Choosing An Online Education


Some people are still unconvinced of the legitimacy of online education. The main reason for their concern is the fact that they just don't know much about the program, and perhaps they might not understand it altogether. The truth is, online classes can be a life saver for those can't afford the time to go to an actual college campus. The problem is however, some people who would do well to enrol in an online class might not have another chance to enrich their education. However, because of their preconceived fear of this type of learning, they don't want to use this convenient method of studying. Let's look at a few advantages and benefits associated with distance learning.

17 January 2012

Why Online Education?


Online education is a process of learning and teaching through the Internet.

Over the years, the World Wide Web has expanded ideas and information, making them more accessible to people wherever they are. With audio and visual technologies, the Internet has allowed the creation of a more effective, faster instructional system called the network, which makes distance learning possible. To build a network in order to unite the distance learning teacher with the student, both need only a satellite, cable modem, digital subscriber lines (DSL), or wireless cables.

16 January 2012

5 Tips to Succeeding in an Online Degree Program


Education is the ladder to success. And these days poverty and time constraint are not excuses not to be able to finish college, there are now countless online college degrees being offered online that can help a person obtain college diploma while working and earning money to pay for the tuition fee. With the onset of online education, many college students have found it extremely easy to obtain a diploma even while keeping a daytime job to support themselves. So, for those who want to earn a college degree it is a wise decision to take an online program.

15 January 2012

Distance Education Programs Vs Campus Structured Schools


The term distance education is intimidating to some students. For some time, distance learning or online learning was considered a scam. A degree from an online program was not received with as much respect as that of from a campus structured school. As technology has advanced, society has become much more accepting of distance education programs. In addition, distance education programs have evolved and offer high quality courses.

14 January 2012

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Distance Learning


Today's competitive work force requires more and more skills. Some jobs require more advance computer skills, while other jobs demand intermediate accounting skills. Employers seek the best applicants and to meet this demand, more people are going back to school. A current job or family obligation can leave them with less time to do this. Distance learning programs offer an ideal option. Once classes have been registered and paid for, it is time to get the most out of learning from home.

13 January 2012

Learning Management Systems - Managing Online Education Efficiently


With the advent of the Internet the whole world has shrunk; technological advancements in the world of Internet have revolutionized telecommunications in a manner like never before. Education is yet another field which has observed a tremendous makeover, thanks to the World Wide Web. Online education makes use of technology, expertise and has the potential to reach large number of learners throughout the world. And this can be easily achieved with the usage of a Learning Management System.

12 January 2012

Are You Ignoring Free Money? Grants for Distance Education Programs


One of the first challenges adult students encounter when pursuing a distance education is finances. Many adult learners are supporting families and maintaining several monthly expenses. Allocating money to cover tuition is not often an expense that the average adult student can easily embrace. There are several education grants for students interested in distance learning. Students interested in distance education college grants should be aware of the possibilities and informed on the application process.

Many adult education grants are not advertised. These grants are available but the student will have to put in time researching and identifying different opportunities. The first step in this process is identifying sources. What organizations offer these grants? Who do I contact for more information? And MOST importantly, do I qualify for this grant?

Types of College Education Grants: Federal and State Grants

State and Federal grants are usually an option for many adult students. These are offered to the public in an effort to enhance the condition of society. In order to qualify for a state or federal grant, the student must be a US Citizen. If the student is applying for a state grant, the student must be a resident of that state.

Types of College Education Grants: Organizational Grants

There are several organizations that offer grants. Some organizations offer grants to members of the organization and other offer grants to the public in an effort to support a cause. When the public grants are offered, there is usually an action, such as submission of an essay, required by any student applying for the grant. Many public grants also have stipulations and guidelines attached. The following organizations offer grants college education grants:

  • National Society of Accountants
  • American Hotel and Lodging Educational Program 
  • American Banking Association 
  • National Science Association 
  • American Math Society
As you can see, there are vast selections of organizations that offer college education grants. When researching organizations that offer grants, a student should start with organizations within their field. For example, an English major would search for organizations pertaining to Literature, the Arts, etc.

Types of College Education Grants: Grants Based on Student Type

There are grants available for particular groups of students. More often, grants in this category are offered to minorities such as African Americans, Hispanics and other races. There are also a large number of grants available to female students. In addition to these categories, there are grants that cater to disabled students and other "nontraditional" students. All students should research opportunities relating to any characteristic or factor that helps identify them as an individual.

While many adult students may feel distance education programs are too costly for their budget, there are a number of resources available. If a student is serious about continuing their education, there are a number of college education grants available to make this a reality. The most challenging aspect of identifying college education grants is likely getting started with the research.

Lance Chalmers has been writing for over 3 years. He has successfully completed two distance learning programs. Driven by his success, Lance has since developed a passion for encouraging students to consider adult education schools as a means to get back in school as adult learners.

11 January 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Education


The education system has evolved thanks to distance learning that has benefited many people, however, is not accessible to all.

In this globalized era framed by technology, the company seeks ways to survive in a world of crisis and competitiveness, evolution has made online teaching an option that has brought education to people who, in decades past, have been almost impossible.

Online studies is a system that began to be popular in the corporate sector, with the need for their employees were always trained and updated, so the technology is helping got an ideal model that would not influence the job responsibilities of the productive force.

10 January 2012

Four Types of Distance Education Programs


Modern distance learning programs offers students a variety of options when working toward an online degree. Students can access programs that lead to a certificate in a specific industry and/or trade as well as pot graduate student the opportunity to work towards a graduate degree. It is important to understand the structure and possibilities of distance learning programs.

9 January 2012

How to Be a Successful Online Student


It is not easy being a successful student while balancing a family, home and career. If completing an online degree were that easy, more people would have degrees. While completing a distance learning program while running or managing a household is a challenge, it is not impossible. There are things that can help anyone be a successful online student.

8 January 2012

How To Set Up A Home Study Area and Succeed With Online Education

Online learning is one of the quickest and most convenient way to earn a college degree however you need to have a dedicated area in your house in order to concentrate while you study your lessons online. The area does not have to be big or spacious but it does need to be conducive for learning. While planning to set up for a home study area you must keep in mind that you are rearranging the area so you can fully concentrate while you attend your online classes. It has to be free from distraction, where nobody can bother you while you study.

7 January 2012

Take The Opportunity To Grow With Online Courses


Money is tight for everyone and the job market is drying up far and wide. However, there are some really positive steps you can take to make a difference in the money you make at your current job. By increasing your abilities, you can move up at the job your currently working, in order to get a higher pay. Perhaps you can take the experience you have and even open up your own business. Online courses make it easy to become skilled at a career or job that you will truly love. At the end of World War II, returning veterans came to understand that the best way to move ahead in a changing world was, by getting educated through correspondence courses. Distance education allowed them to work and take care of their families and still have a chance to improve their education.

How To Get The Best Online Tutoring Service

More people are opting for online tutoring services because of the convenience and affordability attached to them as compared to physical tutors. Since there are so many of these services on the internet, the following are the main features to consider when looking for the best.
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