12 January 2012

Are You Ignoring Free Money? Grants for Distance Education Programs


One of the first challenges adult students encounter when pursuing a distance education is finances. Many adult learners are supporting families and maintaining several monthly expenses. Allocating money to cover tuition is not often an expense that the average adult student can easily embrace. There are several education grants for students interested in distance learning. Students interested in distance education college grants should be aware of the possibilities and informed on the application process.

Many adult education grants are not advertised. These grants are available but the student will have to put in time researching and identifying different opportunities. The first step in this process is identifying sources. What organizations offer these grants? Who do I contact for more information? And MOST importantly, do I qualify for this grant?

Types of College Education Grants: Federal and State Grants

State and Federal grants are usually an option for many adult students. These are offered to the public in an effort to enhance the condition of society. In order to qualify for a state or federal grant, the student must be a US Citizen. If the student is applying for a state grant, the student must be a resident of that state.

Types of College Education Grants: Organizational Grants

There are several organizations that offer grants. Some organizations offer grants to members of the organization and other offer grants to the public in an effort to support a cause. When the public grants are offered, there is usually an action, such as submission of an essay, required by any student applying for the grant. Many public grants also have stipulations and guidelines attached. The following organizations offer grants college education grants:

  • National Society of Accountants
  • American Hotel and Lodging Educational Program 
  • American Banking Association 
  • National Science Association 
  • American Math Society
As you can see, there are vast selections of organizations that offer college education grants. When researching organizations that offer grants, a student should start with organizations within their field. For example, an English major would search for organizations pertaining to Literature, the Arts, etc.

Types of College Education Grants: Grants Based on Student Type

There are grants available for particular groups of students. More often, grants in this category are offered to minorities such as African Americans, Hispanics and other races. There are also a large number of grants available to female students. In addition to these categories, there are grants that cater to disabled students and other "nontraditional" students. All students should research opportunities relating to any characteristic or factor that helps identify them as an individual.

While many adult students may feel distance education programs are too costly for their budget, there are a number of resources available. If a student is serious about continuing their education, there are a number of college education grants available to make this a reality. The most challenging aspect of identifying college education grants is likely getting started with the research.

Lance Chalmers has been writing for over 3 years. He has successfully completed two distance learning programs. Driven by his success, Lance has since developed a passion for encouraging students to consider adult education schools as a means to get back in school as adult learners.

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