11 January 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Education


The education system has evolved thanks to distance learning that has benefited many people, however, is not accessible to all.

In this globalized era framed by technology, the company seeks ways to survive in a world of crisis and competitiveness, evolution has made online teaching an option that has brought education to people who, in decades past, have been almost impossible.

Online studies is a system that began to be popular in the corporate sector, with the need for their employees were always trained and updated, so the technology is helping got an ideal model that would not influence the job responsibilities of the productive force.

How are online courses?

Depending on the time and the courses they have chosen, online surveys have a system very similar to each other. It is carried out through an Internet portal where open an account in which the student receives his lessons, just as all technical and academic doubts are resolved through emails and discussion forums. 

Sometimes there are specific citations for chat sessions, where both the teacher and other students can automatically dispel doubts about the assignments.

For this type of education is asking certain requirements, some have academic requirements but what is a general rule are the technical specifications, these cover the full range of requirements that must have the computer in to be studied, and some programs or that are necessary for software system development, and of course, Internet.

Who can study online?

If you qualify, all. The education system has benefited students at all levels, some universities have been implemented as a method of online graduate degree, in a lot of companies have been offered training to their employees in this way, while some people who left their studies unfinished can finish their training, even those who ended his professional career seeking online courses as a resource for graduate studies (master's, doctoral, specialization, virtual graduates, etc..) that fit your schedule.

Advantages and disadvantages of distance education

Before enrolling in an online course should consider the following aspects:
  •  Time: Many online students are workers or parents, which in this school system can manage your time of convenience, since the assignments are delivered with a deadline, which each student will depend on the distribution of their hours of study also can work from home in their activities.
  • Money: Although these courses have a cost, sometimes considerable, and requires certain technological resources, the cost compared to other professional level is very low. Sometimes the material is provided online and not have to buy books, not spent on transportation, gas, parking, and is still lower compared to those who travel to other cities to specialize, you do not need lodging or food.
  • Motivation: You must assimilate that although there are many people studying the same course will be studying oneself alone and should be responsible enough to manage time and resources, deliver on the dates indicated, and above all, do not mess up the monotony can be considered to not socialize or attend a classroom.
  • Feedback delay: one of the main problems of this type of teaching is the passive that can be, while in school systems doubts are resolved almost immediately and the teacher interaction is constant, the online education feedback is through emails, sometimes made through chat sessions, but not daily, which can cause frustration or even in the in concurrence of more errors by the student.
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