23 January 2012

Some Do's and Don'ts


Uni living should be one of the best experiences that you will ever have in your life! It is also the place where you will gain skills and knowledge necessary to live the way you want. Avoiding a few pitfalls along the way will ensure that you have the best possible time, while still getting it done!

1. Do not choose the wrong school and/or course program
So your father went to a great school and made a good living for your family. Your mother thinks you would do well as a journalist, and your best friend has the greatest idea about which school you both should attend. Let me just remind you that you are going to spend a great chunk of your adult life in the occupation that you choose. Make sure it is something that you enjoy doing, or you may be unhappy going to work everyday.

2. Do shake the idea that this will be easy!
You are in a dangerous place if you are thinking that you will just roller skate through your Uni years. You need to remember that this type of education is a privilege. An expensive one at that! You are going to have to apply yourself if you want to do well. This separates the men and women from the boys and girls. If you are doing your best and still struggling ask for help. That is a pill you will have to learn to swallow eventually anyway.

3. Do have some fun
Although you should remember that your main focus as a student should be completing your degree, if you don't enjoy yourself at all during college you are going to be stressed and stress can lead to depression. Depression won't help anything along at all. So take some time for yourself.

4. Do be organised
Find a place to study and keep it tidy. Invest in an organiser, and make plans. This is your full time job right now, and the skills you enlist to get you through it will stick with you, so make good habits to last.

5. Do not forget to be healthy
Let me just say this once! The classic diet for student (i.e. beer and pizza) is not a healthy life choice. Without proper nutrition and rest, your body will not perform at 100%! Ten points to you if you are remembering to eat at all of course, but please, I can not stress enough the importance of taking care of yourself.

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