9 January 2012

How to Be a Successful Online Student


It is not easy being a successful student while balancing a family, home and career. If completing an online degree were that easy, more people would have degrees. While completing a distance learning program while running or managing a household is a challenge, it is not impossible. There are things that can help anyone be a successful online student.

Tip for Success: Awareness

You cannot master something if you do not have a clear understanding of the objective. One of the first steps to succeeding as an online student is gaining an understanding of the program. As you discover how the learning program is designed, it will be easier to make plans to adjust your current routine. It is very easy to fall behind or get overwhelmed if you are blindsided in the early stages of the program. Also, your research should be ongoing. If the course is presented by different instructors, it is likely each instructor will have their own style and expectations.

Tip for Success: Time Management

Once you have an understanding of the design and requirement of the program, it's time to create a schedule. Yes, it seems a bit elementary but it actually helps. Time slips by very fast when you are busy. Effective time management will encourage consistency once you haven fallen into a routine. This will also ensure all tasks that need to be addressed are completed are resolved. Keeping a list can also help encourage better time management skills. Writing daily or weekly tasks down helps encourage you to hold yourself accountable. It also helps prevent oversights.

Tip for Success: Engage Family and Friends

The support and assistance of your family and friends will also be key to your success. There will be times you may need babysitters to focus and complete assignments. There may be times that you become discouraged. If your family and friends are there to offer support and assistance when needed, your online education will not prove as challenging. If you are married, it would be best to discuss your plans to enroll in a distance education program before enrolling. Married students often rely on the support of their spouses to assist with chores such as cooking and cleaning to allow more study time. There may be times that your spouse may question which of you actually enrolled in the course. So, it is best to include your spouse in your decision.

Tip for Success: Patience

As the saying goes, "Rome was not built in a day". While distance learning programs are not as time consuming, overall, as traditional college courses, the degree program is usually longer than desired. Let's be very realistic about the idea. While an online learning program is created to consider the restraints and need of the adult learner, there is still a great deal of information to cover. When you find yourself discouraged or inpatient, take a moment to consider the alternative to completing the course. Yes, it may take 2 -4 years to complete the program but if your drop out now in two to four years you still would not be a college graduate. Remain patient and focused on the big picture and you long term goals for your family and career.

You will face challenges once enrolled in a distance learning program. Planning for any potential problems along the way is important in succeeding as an online student. Proper research, planning and consistency are tools that can arm any student hoping to be successful as an online student.

There are several distance learning programs available for students looking to further their education. One of the more popular programs is the online nursing degree.

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